Welcome to Elevate

Elevate each other, elevate yourself, elevate the sport.

What is Elevate?

Elevate OCR is a global community of female athletes who are looking to elevate their own participation in the sport, whereby elevating the sport itself. Women have power. Let's use it together. 

Why Us, Why Now

Obstacle Course Racing is a growing sport, and yet females account for a mere 30% of OCR participation. This percentage decreases in competitive and elite waves. This needs to change. If women are to have a more power in the sport itself, more women need to show up. Insecurity, uncertainty, and intimidation can no longer be a barrier. We are here to elevate each and every woman who wants to participate - whether it's just to have fun or to compete. 

Alongside amazing connections, curated content, and conversations like no other, here's are some other awesome benefits: 

* Discounts on gadgets, gear, and goos.

* Access to Regional Leaders and Training Groups

* Safe and Secure Social Network (no blowback, no bullying)

* LIVE AMAs with Race Pros, Specialists, Dietitians, and Trainers

A Huge Thanks

We know that where you invest your time and energy is critical. We are super grateful that you want to become a part of this global and growing community! 

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